WordPress: The platform to do much more than a website

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WordPress, the most popular CMS (Content Manager System) in recent years, supports more than 35% of all Internet sites and has a 60.8% share of the CMS market . But why is this platform so successful that more and more companies choose it?

With almost 20 years of existence and thousands of themes (templates) available to develop any type of website, WordPress allows you to gain great agility in site development processes, granting flexibility and scalability due to its very friendly structure and its Plugin system. ( accessories). These features make it possible today that almost everything we want to do in terms of sites can be done within the platform ecosystem.

Furthermore, added to these features, on the side of the administrator user, it is also a very friendly content management system because it allows, with little training and documentation, anyone who does not know programming to update the content of their own website, a functionality that today it is increasingly demanded by companies.

WordPress is often associated with a tool that is only used to make blogs, however, the experience of millions of developed sites and a huge community of developers who continually seek to add features to it, greatly expanded the possibilities of building web content. With this platform, you can create everything from a blog to business websites, online stores, digital newspapers, shift reservation centers, digital campuses, customer help centers, etc. Without going any further, many of the sites that you may know or navigate every day are made with WordPress:

  • blog.ted.com
  • news.microsoft.com
  • tripadvisor.com/blog
  • whitehouse.gov.
  • rollingstones.com

A special chapter for Woocommerce

Although WordPress, as we have already mentioned, is used to make all kinds of sites, it has allowed us as an agency to have an accelerated growth in offering web solutions for electronic commerce. In this sense, Woocommerce, the WordPress plugin to create online stores, gave us a flexible and scalable environment, very much at the height of what our clients were needing, even above platforms such as (PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, etc.) . This tool gave us more agility in deliveries and facilities for the integrations that we needed to carry out, ultimately this translates for the client into a better response time to their requirements.

This platform allows us to implement an online store with all the basic and standard functionalities that we expect to find: unlimited product creation, activation of offers and coupons, image gallery, organization by category, possibility of adding attributes to products, various payment systems and shipping, advanced order management, etc. The functionalities of the store do not end with those that WooCommerce itself incorporates, but we can continue to grow in usability and functionalities by adding specific plugins such as the mass import of products, the calculation of shipping costs by postal code, payment gateways with credit card and virtual wallets, product prices by quantity, generation of invoices, etc.

In addition to these features that we named, Woocommerce describes some statistics that speak for themselves (in case we still had any doubts), and confirm it as one of the most successful platforms to develop online stores.

  • It has been downloaded more than 50 million times since its existence.
  • WooCommerce powers 28% of eCommerce sites in the world.
  • 281 new online stores with WooCommerce are opened on average every day.
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