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Bard Ai - By Digital Jump

Artificial intelligence is among the most sought after and developed topics around Marketing in recent times.
Not a few announced the fall of Google, hand in hand with the birth of Chat GPT and other AI solutions.

Asking a robot is much easier than looking for something, of course. This is so, as long as it has more information at its disposal than the search engine in question, and that it manages to interpret the questions better than the keywords.

Google, meanwhile, had launched Bard, its publicly accessible AI engine, in experimental mode, which competes with GPT Chat, even with some advantages, such as real-time access to current information (which GPT does not provide).

But the Internet giant was not satisfied with that: in this context, it announced a few days ago that it would launch a new version of the search engine that would involve AI. And at its recently completed live event, it already showed screenshots of search responses, powered by its AI engine.

Google Bard ai - By digital Jump

Google demonstrates first of all that it continues to invest and develop technology to provide better solutions to users. It will be difficult to dispute the King’s throne in command of Internet traffic.

Secondly, a trend that has been announced is once again on the table: Google capitalizes more of the screen time of users on its own platform. In other words, what you search for on Google is found within Google, not on the site it recommends.

This could imply less traffic available to the sites and therefore less business volume from that source. But it should be clarified that the largest percentage of the group’s business comes from ads, therefore, from driving traffic, so that theory is, to say the least, controversial. The company will not conspire against its own income, except when it has an alternative path with better opportunities. On the other hand, it is expected that the AI-assisted user search process generates a referral of better quality traffic and visits with a better chance of conversion.

It is to be expected that advertising in Google Ads and the dynamics of organically positioning in Google (SEO) will undergo changes, present new challenges and demand the need for training in the coming days. The big takeaway is that it’s not easy to shake giants, and Google has weapons for this and other battles ahead: even if the winds of life blow strong, it will resist.

Digital marketing is constantly changing. Selecting the right steps in your strategy can make all the difference in the results that are achieved.

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